So it was the last weekend of the New Year and I layed low and had some great workouts. Legs and back. The temperatures dropped here over the weekend and it was a lot cooler which keeps me indoors more lol. Got an air fryer for Christmas so been air-frying everything. Supposed to be a healthier option than actual frying with oil and I have to say, Chicken tastes A LOT better. After many years of eating Chicken for competition and size, i cant fuckin’ stand it. I typically throw it in my mouth then chew it twice then swallow with water. this option has made it edible as chicken nuggets; lightly seasoned. They aern’t expensive at all. Small and large sizes. even vegtables like brussel sprouts are better. Made some fried pickles tonight. Check out my instagram story for the turnout.

I landed in Austin late last night after thinking I was going to spend the night in New Orleans. Weather was supposedly the issue. Figured I was lucky to make it home then my bags were lost along with a ton of other peoples. After arriving at 1:00 am I decided to just leave without the bag and now there is a long wait for them to get back to me.

New years resolutions have already started. There was no one in the gym today but i did some HIIT (high intensity interval training) andstarted a no carb after lunch diet. Had a great workout today despite how tired I was from flying. This weekend I am laying low. I’ll be doing some cam. Hit me up on Skype. butch.stratford

Was in Connecticut this weekend visiting my buddy and old workout partner. Was nice when I got here with 60 degrees but that changed fast and ito the mid 30’s. Heading out to NYC on a train now and then tomorow our on Long Island for Christmas with my friends that I ha not seen since I was here last. There are some parts about the North East I miss a lot mostly the people but definitely not the weather or means of transportation. Certainly not the man out of people concentrated in one spot. I’ll have to check gym hours of my old famous gym Bev Francis’ Power House. The gym I hit up
this weekend in CT was awesome. Never been there before. Everyone getting ready to celebrate Christmas? Definitely ready to get started accomplishing goals for the New Year.

Headed out to NYC today. Made it in one massive piece. This shot was before my row got filled up with two very skinny people. Not complaining at all. Holiday travel didn’t suck. Hats off to TSA and the flight crew. Watched an OK movie on board. Watched “The Cloverfield Paradox”. I recommend it if you are on a domestic flight from TX to NY but that’s it.

American Airlines always delivers and I ain’t looking for discounts or representing them as an Influencer.

I hit Austin’s Trail of Lights last night. It’s an annual Christmas light trail through Austin’s Zilker park. This was the first time I have been since I lived in Austin about 12 years. Wasn’t too cold and a really cool time.

I have recently discovered Jacobs ladder. It’s a cardio machine at the gym I had no idea ever had to use. I fucking love it. I do interval training with it to get my heart rate to fat burning mode. It is way easier on my back than even walking on a treadmill at an incline. Doing it now is great but I am going to kick it up a notch right after my trip to the North East. I will be in Connecticut this weekend. Looking forward to going to my old gym there.

Well its a week before Christmas and I’m prepared for it. I’m just not prepared for the cold of the North East. Heading to NYC thursday to see friends and spend Christmas there. This is a throwback picture to about 11 years ago to the first Christmas I had in my condo. My first tree.

Today I woke up got my caffeine fix and joined my work out partner for some HIIT (high intensity interval training). Its cardio. i used Jacobs ladder and the rowing machine. We started out intense training for a minute then rest two minutes. We did this a total of 10 times each. The goal is to get heart rate up and then back down. this is supposed to be the area of heart rate that will burn fat and not muscle.

I went to the post office which was a Fuckin’ nightmare to mail a ball soaked jock and boxer briefs. They should arrive in time for Christmas. Then i had a great back session after that. Growin’ day by day. Please feel free to reach out with any questions.

Went to one of my favorite gyms today an hour north of Austin TX today to train shoulders and chest. Had a great pump using all differnt machienes and movements as you see in the video. I like switching my training up where I do one side at a time to focus more on the muscle for not only symetry but for equalling out the strength on both dominant and weak sides of my body. Check out the video here.

Check out my new videos in The BULL PEN. Busy week ahead before taking off to NYC for Christmas.

I founfd the issue and temporarily fixed the leak in the radiator. Took all day but had a great arm workout. That was yesterday. Today I was enjoyin’ the 64 degree weather. Quite a change from yesterday when I was under Brutus’ hood all day. So today hit the city for some outdoor cardio. I hit up the gym and had a great leg day. Looking forward to my trip to NYC for Christmas. I leave Thursday.

Still workin’ a few bugs ouyt of my website and blog. I been loosing some posts due to resetting some things. I have lost about 7 days of the beginning of December. I DO keep up with my blog daily. Tomorrow I will be filming a bit more of my workouts from one of the best gyms around Austin. MORE UPDATES TO COME.

Check out my BULL PEN for new recently updated videos and added previews for all of my videos in the store.

Got up this mornin’ and went for coffee and tacos like usual. I noticed then that I couldn’t get Brutus over 40 mph. Looked at water temp gauge and I was at 250. Over heating. Check engine light. Yep. I got home and he is bone dry. I spent the day getting water back into him and getting out the air pockets. I hear some knocking now but that could be some steam. Kinda like how you hear water in a boiler. I think I located the leak but really hard to tell. Hope it’s just the radiator and nothing else. The heater in and defroster were blowing cold air only which is an indication of air pockets. Finally before dark I got enough water into him and air pockets out that heater and defroster was working. Never saw any leaks or spots under him. Damndest thing. Going to work a bit more on him tomorrow to make sure I do t have any more problems. Arrow shows behind the fan where the leak might be.

I been trying harder to keep the fat off. When you are as big as a BULL you tend to eat a lot more than a regular human. So during the holidays I can pack on the pounds. Workouts have been super fuckin’ sweaty. I never wear deodorant so I feel bad for some of the people around me. No one complains so I guess the pheromones aren’t offensive. Love being BIG. Still need to find me a confederate flag phone case. I ordered two and the company flaked on me. Hit me up with ideas.