Thinking about doing another current smoke vid. Any thoughts? Drop me a line in email.

Today I hit full body and was even able to do some chest and shoulder work. Of course I got a lot of leg work in as well. Just checking out the progress here in posing room.

I am halfway through my 6 weeks of recovery.

It’s been a bumpy road but not as bad as the first time when I tore the left. Both great Drs. Both completely different methods of surgery. My left arm has one anchor in it and my right has three. That’s a lot of hardware in Butch.

Definitely going to be anchored down.

Had me a gold Texas flag with Velcro. Def came in handy.

Time to head to NYC. I’ll be there a couple weeks. Business and pleasure ha. I got this ridiculous robo-arm on now. Much better than the cast was. Still working out and hitting complete body except biceps and it’s right sided secondary muscles. This robo arm limits my range of motion.

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Yeehaw, tore the right biceps tendon off. I tore the left off three years earlier. This one here I thought might have been a false alarm but I do need surgery. I have a Doc’s appointment tomorrow and I’ll get the orders.

That will not stop me though. My training will become different during the time. Obviously more cardio and leg workouts, but I will focus on coming up with or at least implementing different ways to maintain my upper body and try to get leaner all while eating a TON of BEEF.

My training now will not focus on the typical “how do you get big” mentality, but more on coming back from an injury and how to stay positive . The injury could have been worse and there are a lot more unfortunate out there.

There will be a new video page added to the site soon that’s free. It’s will document workouts, life and other surgeries I may have.there will be more i assume haha. Thanks for following and have a great SUNDAY.

Douglass and I have been through a detached tendon before and we’ll get through it again.