It’s been hot as hell in south Texas but that hasn’t stopped me from the gains. I have my last Dr’s follow up this Tuesday. I have been training heavier and have more confidence in my arm. Gains have already started and I will be posting more training vids in The Bull Pen. Hitting back a lot harder now. That was one muscle group I had to not train during recovery.

New video about to drop. So will my clothes.

Been in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest for about 3 days and covered so much ground. Got to get out to Ruby Beach and drive through the Olympic mountains and The Olympic national forest. 13 hour drive. Today I am heading to Spokane. Crossing the state today. 5 hours. Once you pass through the Cascades it’s desertion the other side.

Heading to Seattle Thursday though Tuesday. 8/9-8/14. Gonna check out the Pacific Northwest and then over to Spokane. Definitely up for meet and greets. Email me.

I been working on a few custom videos for a couple clients. Custom videos are made to specifications of the client. Very few limits and discretion always a must. Contact me if you have some fetish you want live out.