I woke up to this today. I know Brutus needs new tires but was holding out. I had to jack him up and take his back passenger tire to the tire man who fixed it right up. I think I got about 10k left on the treads. It’s time to start looking for new ones. Any ideas? Thinking about going bigger. My quote was for $850 for 4 All terrains. Any of my followers out there have a tire hook up? Ha. Other than that this morning day went well. Trained shoulders harder than I thought. Got that pump. Also I learned that steamed chicken and veggies is a lot faster to make and a lot healthier than marinating and grilling. Going to start doing that to my chicken instead of that old dry shit that I usually grill. I’m meant to grill beef.

I came across this old picture of me. I think I was 24. I stopped powerlifting and Strongman at 25. This was even before my chest tat. I thought I was huge here. Obviously I was the leanest I had ever been and I am surprised to see this. Still I was rockin’ that Duke. This, pound for pound was the strongest I ever was. All natural believe it or not. I had a good control of my diet and more disciple here. Strength was always my goal not always size. I am about 60lbs heavier now.  Check the blog picture below.

I have been working on perfecting my own recipe for beef Jerky. I raise my own 100% grass fed cows and when I process the meat, I have it done at 98% fat free making this jerky the healthiest for the health conscious consumer. All natural. No hormones are used on my grass fed cows. Check out my Stratfords Beef page to learn more about the history of my family farm and how we raise our beef.  I am able to ship so just send me an email with any questions and we can go from there on amount you’d want. High protein snack, low sodium and 98%fat free.

Hit some shoulders and hamstrings in the gym tonight. Spent my day perfecting the taste of my signature jerky from my farm. It will be available soon. It’s 100% grass fed all natural 98% lean. My cows. My recipes. Happy cows taste better. Feel free to sign up for my mailing list for exclusive offers and content not seen anywhere.

Did some shooting over the holidays. I didnt get to dove hunt this year so I brushed up on some skeet shootin’. Also shot some cool exploding 3 liter botttles of shaken up soda. I filmed a lot so there will be a lot of content out soon. I also filmed my latest flex video out here right after shooting because shooting makes me cocky.I know how y’all like to see me strip out in the open on my farm. I ate a lot of food this Thanksgiving. Also soon my beef jerkey will be available on my site and able to ship my orders. Stay tuned.

Back home here down on the farm here in south Texas. Warming up by the fire was worth fighting the traffic down from Austin. Can’t wait to eat, catch up and shoot some GUNS. Hope everyone has a great trip home to family and friends. Can’t wait to start eating and not stop until Friday.

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Slept in a bit to get some good rest in. Made breakfast and did a 4.5 mile hike on Lake Austin. Love when the weather is good enough to get out there. Each time I try to speed it up a bit more. I did the hike in just under an hour and 20 mins. Got a great haircut after that. A good clean up for Thanksgiving. Hit the gym tonight for an awesome back workout. kept it meduim weight so I’d focus more on muscle isolation and contracting with pausing. Heading out to the farm tomorrow for the holiday. I’ll be down there enjoying FAMILY, FOOD and GUNS. Yep I’ll be filmin’ as well so new videos are sure to follow soon.

It’s been about 5 months now since surgery and I am starting to train at a strength training gym to brush up on my roots of grip strength. No straps needed here. I will go back to work on overall grip strength while keeping my size through volume training my chest and back. Arm days will focus now more on grip strength than biceps and triceps. I will hit those on back and chest day but they will now become secondary muscles to train. Muscle has memory so I expect the power to come back fast.

I really dig getting out doors with great weather and doing cardio around Lake Austin. The trail I do is 4.5 miles and usually takes between an hour and an hour and a half. I try to beat my time each time but I always manage to stop and take in the day and what is around me. I also find that when I take a gallon of water with me I drink A LOT more water through the day. I hammer it while I sweat it out. Always a different expireince and so much more fulfilling than the treadmill. Also when I get started and halfway through there is no turning back or quitting but giving up on a hike has never crossed my mind. Get out there, find a trail and take in the day.

Training at a new gym for a month. Going to get back into my old way of training. I like to have strong hands and forearms which makes the my grip so much better so I dont have to use straps. In strong-man, grip is important so strengthening the hands is important. A lot of wide gripped bars are used in every lift to get stronger. Here I am using an axel bar to widen my grip in the hand. One thing about the thicker bar is you really have to control the weight. You cant and should’nt go as heavy as you are used to because you could hurt yourself. Go for volume, work on form and adjust to the new grip before packing on the weight. All muscles involved in lifting the weight will all act differently than using the regular bar. I say “bar” because any bar or handle can be widen using Fat Gripz. Check them out online. They fit over any standard bars and handles at your gym.