Finally figured out the situation on getting the website working for everyone. It should be up and running with a lot of content coming for everyone. Been Gaining more mass but at same time watching diet because it is already a hot one here in Texas and spring and summer are feeling like they are already here. Love to swim. New video out soon. “Shop Flex”. There was a extra ending I added for you guys with a foot fetish. Its about 7 mins long. Dig being at my new gym. I am there Tuesdays and Thursdays to tear it up. Better environment for gains. I am also training there on weekends. Still doing private vids and starting to do some cam again on Skype.  Contact me there. Butch.Stratford

For some of you frequent visitors to the site including me, the website seemed down. It wasn’t but I changed up some stuff and did a lot of filming and other stuff. Been really busy. If you never been to the site It comes up easy but if you ferequent the site it is something in your search history that will block it for a while unless you ernter the “www” before So really what happened is im adding more space, changing my hosting plan and changing some server stuff and there is a few days down time. We are still working on getting website to work 210% with the new domain changes. Buckle up for some fun shit comin’ to the site.