I’ll be heading to NYC tomorrow and to Connecticut this weekend. I’ll be there 6/20-7/3. I’ll be available for some meet and greets. The weather here in Texas has been hot but the swimming has been great! Rather have the heat than the cold. Hate being Stuck in doors. Just put an update video in The Bull Pen. Also, it looks like I will be traveling to Atlanta in July. Get at me for info on meet and greets. Butchstratford@gmail.com. I will also be on skype during travel as well. Skype ID: Butch.stratford Still have not subscribed to my website? Missing out on exclusive content. Vintage Butch videos I send out to my fans.

Thats what people say about mullets lol. Mine has been growing and im diggin it. Figured I’d try something new. Also, Who is interested in seeing some work out shirts and other stuff ive worn in my store for sale?

I had a great weekend. Good workouts and was extremely hot here so i did hit the pool quite a bit and took the doors off of Brutus. I have been making quite a few private videos for people and wearing a lot of jocks and briefs. This week should be a lot better and not as hot. Heading to NYC in 10 days so a bit pumped to meet a few fans that wanted a meet and greet. I have been doing a lot of skype shows as well, so be sure to message me there. Focusing on eating leaner and more protien and less carbs in the evening and overall. The Carbs make me sluggish and I am maintaining size. Check out my instagram stories to see what all you missed.