Damn how time flies. This picture was taken about 13 years ago when I first moved to Austin. I was and some say still am a COCKY SON OF A BITCH. Since then I have moved away and lived different places all over the country. Of course I have moved back to the greatest state on earth. Will i live anywhere else? Doubt it. California is beautiful but ASS BACKWARDS. New York is great to visit but QUALITY OF LIFE IS NOT AS GOOD. I like free range of roaming. Here more people are polite and lack the “me first attitude” for the most part. Its usually the Californian implants that are rude here. Not all but definantly not a Texan approach. No sense of how a booming economy runs.

Anyway, I did’nt do much this Halloween. Some errands and hit the gym. Had a great back workout. Since fall has hit, I am looking to bulk up. I have actually leaned down and gave my body a rest for a while. This November I am going to start the bulk and the goal is to get up to 265. The biggest I have been to date was 275 but that came with an injury after so I will be a bit more modest this year.

Had a GREAT time in Arizona. I saw a lot of sites. Went to The Grand Canyon South rim. nothing like it! I also saw other sites here like Sunset Crator. Who knew there was a volcano here? I also did some filming for a company who had given me some product. Saw some ainchent ruins and also stayed in Scottsdale. Great city and area to stay in if ever visiting Phoenix. Also met some fans as well. A lot of hiking and a lot of eating.

Heading back to Texas tomorrow. Cant wait to get back into my routine again in the gym and etc. Meal prep and things like that. There is a high chance I will be heading to NYC at end of the month. I’ll announce travel in my mailout and here in my blog.