Today is my 40th birthday and I feel 25. Still cocky as all fuck. Its awesome because it snowed today. the only day in 7 years or so it has snowed in austin. after today back to higher temperatures. What a gift. Hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was low key with lots of great food. I am planning a great meal prep for the week and hitting up a great seafood restaurant. I have not had KING CRAB LEGS in years!  Thats what the king orders on his dinner this evening. Took the day off from the gym to heal and eat and gain size. Great strong week ahead on working out. I post a lot on my Instagram Stories. Plenty of Jocks lying around if anyone interested hit me up.

Today saturday January the 9th 2021 is my last day in my 30’s. Im turnin’ 40 tomorrow. Im really hoping this year is a great one reguardless who is in the White House. I’m not slowing down for anyone. This is a new era in my life where health family and people who matter to me are up most important. As for what has transpired on the capitol steps on January 6th, I think its incredible. The right got sick of the four years of the media and social media shoving thier agenda down the throat of the right. People in BLM marching for what most of them dont even know. They dont even know politics or what they are voting for. Just trash fed to the uneducated easy prey voters. Burning down thier cities, looting. There has not been any of this from the right until enough was enough. This is all the product of media and social media. The right is now fired up. This is what the left has been wanting for the last four years until the shit hits the fan. We are not going anywhere. NEW BREED OF REPUBLICAN emerged four years ago and this is just the beginning. This is AMERICA and we will not stop to keep it that way.

Im back. I hav’nt blogged since pre covid and took that as a break from a lot of media. I did still train but now at the beginning of thge new year, I plan to get back to what life should be like. Im currently 240 and going up. This Sunday January 10th will be my $0th birthday. I damn sure not slowing down and i am DAMN SURE that covid will not stop me. I have listened to all you followersand I kinow yall been missin’ my updates. I joined a new gym and I am going back to my grass roots of strong man and power lifting that i was bred for. I of course am on skype and I still am making videos and all else.  If yall have anything to add, shoot me an email at BUTCHSTRATFORD@GMAIL.COM

How is everyone? I took a short break over the holidays from social media and from blogging to focus on some other things. I AM BACK! I will be training harder and bulking just like I did a year ago. I also just had a birthday pass. I will be hitting it hard and posting a lot more content and blogging a lot more this year. It was a great break with some travel over Christmas spending it with family and friends. The only travel I have planned now is for Phoenix in May. Dont forget I do Q&A’s at least once a week. I hope the best for everyone in the new year! NOW JOCK STRAPS AND BRIEFS ARE AVAILABLE IN BLACK!  Just email me at for details.

NEW FEATURE FLEX: “Deer Lease Flex” is on the horizon of release. 12 minutes of pent up primal nature as I return from hunting up in the deer blind. Its a cold night out but Butch is hot blooded and when muscle calls for protien to grow, Butch goes huntin’.  Check out the preview  DEER LEASE FLEX in THE BULL PEN.

Damn how time flies. This picture was taken about 13 years ago when I first moved to Austin. I was and some say still am a COCKY SON OF A BITCH. Since then I have moved away and lived different places all over the country. Of course I have moved back to the greatest state on earth. Will i live anywhere else? Doubt it. California is beautiful but ASS BACKWARDS. New York is great to visit but QUALITY OF LIFE IS NOT AS GOOD. I like free range of roaming. Here more people are polite and lack the “me first attitude” for the most part. Its usually the Californian implants that are rude here. Not all but definantly not a Texan approach. No sense of how a booming economy runs.

Anyway, I did’nt do much this Halloween. Some errands and hit the gym. Had a great back workout. Since fall has hit, I am looking to bulk up. I have actually leaned down and gave my body a rest for a while. This November I am going to start the bulk and the goal is to get up to 265. The biggest I have been to date was 275 but that came with an injury after so I will be a bit more modest this year.

Had a GREAT time in Arizona. I saw a lot of sites. Went to The Grand Canyon South rim. nothing like it! I also saw other sites here like Sunset Crator. Who knew there was a volcano here? I also did some filming for a company who had given me some product. Saw some ainchent ruins and also stayed in Scottsdale. Great city and area to stay in if ever visiting Phoenix. Also met some fans as well. A lot of hiking and a lot of eating.

Heading back to Texas tomorrow. Cant wait to get back into my routine again in the gym and etc. Meal prep and things like that. There is a high chance I will be heading to NYC at end of the month. I’ll announce travel in my mailout and here in my blog.

How was everyone’s weekend? Fun time in the ATX. Had a wedding event last night and had a great time. Planning now for the week ahead. Heading to Arizona on Wednesday and excited to get out of Texas for a bit.Ready to head out and explore. Really digging all the cardio and weight loss I been tryin’ out. It will come in handy for hiking. Im down to 240 and feel great. I’ll be starting a bulk in November. I’ll see what I can pack on then. Anyone in Arizona? Hit me up. I need ideas of places to visit there. Have a great week ahead guys! Remmeber, you only live once.


This week I went to an old putt-putt course here near downtown Austin. I had not been there in 15 years. It was for a fundraiser helping poor students getting art supplies. I played a decent round of golf and there were door prizes at the end. I ended up winning a sound bar and subwoofer!

Work outs have been great and the weekend is finally here. Will definantly be outside this weekend in some water since summer is still here. I am still working on nopt eating out and meal prepping all my meals. Not trying to add any weight as of now. Its harder for me to gain and eat as much as I need rto when temperatures are tripple digits.

Anyone should message me on skype or in email if wanting any cam time or used gym gear. new videos coming soon and my trip soon to Phoenix! I’ll be doing meet and greets while i am there.

It’s going to be a hot one today. Thats why I woke up extra early to get in the gym and get my LEG DAY DONE. Felt good to wake up and get that huge pump. It sets the rest of my day. This weekend just around the corner. Cant wait to get out and enjoy the end of summer with some swimming but we need some rain here in South Texas! All the creeks and swimmin’ holes have dried up. Thankfully their is a spring near by to dip in. Phoenix just around the corner. Get at me on skype with any messages and cam show requests. Skype ID: Butch.stratford

Dont forget all my sweaty gear you see in posts will be available to you discreetly. Just email me