Vintage Butch stickers sent out with every merch order. No, thank YOU.

I’ll be on tonight in my chat and also on skype from 9pm-11pm eastern time. Skype ID is Butch.stratford

Hittin’ the back at one of my favorite gyms. It’s in New Haven, CT. “The Super Gym”.

Amtrack delayed but why not smile?

One of the best songs on this “greatest hits” album. I don’t recommend it for H.I.T., but for hiking cardio, the album is the shit.

All you need is one hat and removable patches. Heading to CT for the weekend. I think I’ll take all of them. TGIF.

great to be back in my NY home gym Bev Francis Power House.

Butch headed to the big apple.

NYC bound.

THICK CUT MEAT. Stratford Beef.