Stratford’s Farm has been raising cattle in south Texas since the early 1860s. Through five generations of ranching, we are now located in Atascosa and Karnes County. Our family prides itself on the quality of beef produced rather than the quantity. The cattle are raised in wide open pastures which is low stress on the animal and produces a higher quality of meat. The 100% grass-fed calves raised on our pastures eat native, non-fertilized grasses. No growth hormones or medicated feed have been given to these calves. If for any reason a calfe has to have medication administered, it is separated from the all-natural herd and is sold through local auctions or are grain fed. All of our calves are processed through Texas state inspected processing facilities when the calves are between 700 & 800 pounds. This ensures the tenderness of the calf and also allows for smaller portions to be bought making it more economical for health-conscious families and easier to store. The majority of these calves are Angus and Angus cross bred with champion bloodline from our BEEFMASTER bulls.The beef is processed 96% lean for the health community. Marrow bones also available.
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