Had a great day today with a nice hike around Austin’s Town Lake. I hit the gym early today and trained biceps and triceps. Got a great pump and since the weather was so great, I decided to go on a hike. I went to get an after gym snack of Poke. Then I hit the trail and did 4 miles. Hit the store after that so I can meal prep this evenimg since I’ll be at the gym all day tomorrow. I booked my trip to NYC as well. JUNE 20-JULY 2nd. Send me an email if you are in the area and want a meet and greet.  Besides all that I am on cam in evenings and during the day and I have released two new feature flex’s.

Tonight I am just chillin’. Doin’ a little meal prep and watching some TV. Nothing really going on here. I took this picture today for a follower who bought this jock. This jock was worn during todays leg smash so it needs to dry out a bit before I wear it again tomorrow. I LOVE my scent. I have a powerful one. I wear my jocks a week before sending them out discreetly to a lucky follower. they are comfortable after a couple of days of srtretching out the pouch. I’m weighing around 252 here. Remember that ALL GEAR are CUSTOMIZABLE.

Although yesterday it rained and I had a pool party cancellation, I did hit the gym and I hit it hard. I did back yesterday at one of my favorite Golds in ATX. Today was a great leg day at another Golds that has more leg equiptment than the rest. Very sunny day here and I did get out to swim some in my pool. Mosquito situation is through the roof right now. I am allergic to them and they love the fuck out of me so I did get some welts.



This picture is a still from my newest 14 minute Featured Flex video “Big Fuckin’ Chest Day Aftermath” CLICK HERE to see the first minute of FLEX for free.

Friday was a good hiking day with a stop at a swimmin’ hole. Found a rope swing and enjoyed the new found place. I am about to hit the gym where I am hitting a BIG BACK DAY.  Tonight I will have a grand opening party to attend.  Supposed to rain all day today so doubt I will be outside. I may go back to swimmin’ hole tomorrow if weather holds out.


Today I trained quads and delts at the gym. This is a verticle leg press. Not one of my favorites but its good to change it up. This brand of machinery is my favorite though. This is Arsenal. Its basically bodybuilder and strenth training engineered. It is what Hammer Strength was back in the day. This is a new breed of top of the line gym equiptment. I train legs twice a week now. hams and quads on different days. This helps me isolate more and focus.

What a weekend. I had a great workout both friday and Saturday nut the weather sucked. So did a lot of staying in doors. Sunday though was much better. Went to brunch today at a horrible Irish pup. Had a nasty Chicken pot pie in curry but that was the worst part of the day. I ended up hiking along the green belt and walking throgh a creek. I was enjoying the weather that happened a few days before with fresh flow of running water. Hopefully this week will be better as far as getting outside and moving around. I uploaded a 8 minute chest workout in THE BULL PEN. Check it out. Its free.

I have been trying to get Brutus inspected for a couple weeks now and since Liberal Austin makes everything so difficult, It is hard to find a place that will do the inspection for a ’95 Wrangler. The test is long and really involved so its on its way out but a lot of places are lazy and dont want to do it. Even though my engine is a 2013, they have to go by the VIN number to do the test for a ’95. Finally I got it done today but he didnt pass at first. Parking break did’nt pass because I put bigger tires on him a couple months back. The Parking break does’nt hold as well but I showed him how to do it and he ended up passing me. Just really have to press that pedal down. The tires with the bigger engine put more torque on the parking break. I will change it out before next year. The next thing he failed me on was passenger tail light. I went back there and swatted it a couple times and it cam on. Jeeps rattle and things come loose. Im good now for a year. Bastards try to fail Brutus every year.

Weekend starts today. It has been raining all damn week and today it let up but it is a high of 60. So much for swimming this weekend. Finally got a lot of rain to fill up the swimmin’ holes but too damn cold to enjoy it. Maybe I’ll focus on workouts and hiking. I’ll keep everone posted.

I had a crick in my neck since I last did shrugs. Thankfully I was able to have some bodywork that focused on some possibilities. It really helped and turned out it was mostly my right shoulder that was causing the pain.  It has been raining a shit ton here in Texas. Lots of flooding but good for summer. We get in droughts here where we go a long time without any rain during summer and our swimming holes go empty. I ain’t upset about having a lot of rain during spring. Hit shoulders today at gym AFTER I had the shoulder fixed. Tomorrow is going to be rainy lol but I am heading up north to train at my favorite gym.

Body work is something every athlete needs. It is specific to your body and what sport or repetitive movements you frequent. I try to get it often. It helps reset the body. Even stretching sessions help keep the body limber. Im 255 lbs and I need all the stretching I can get.

Summer is around the corner and I HAVE been trimmin’ up despite what some may think HAHA. I got a little left to go but you know as well as I do that it aint easy. What is easies,t is to build some muscle. It takes a lot of protien and agreat workout partner to be there in workouts; pre and post workout meals. Make eachother accountable and you both, or all , will get there. If there is a groupof y’all workin’ out, make it work. It’s better than being alone and lost in a gym. The gym can be the safest place you ever have been. Good gyms provide everything you need to build what you want. Physical and in most ways mentally. CONFIDENCE is what everyone lacks in some way. Dont make it worse and be a bully. Make it better. You will find the light in the gym lol. Cheesey, but get a bud and hit your goals. YOU have just as much of a right as anyone else to exist anywhere.

I wrote all this tonight because some one was having a problem that I saw and this is just what came out.

In the gym late tonight. Will be here till close tonight. Helpin out in the gym is the best for morale gettin out and meeting and or creating some competition. I hit arms tonight. Great pump. got the blood flowing and also got my meal prep on with 6 meals in today. It’s always best to have the best enviroment to thrive in. Much of gains is all mental and being in the right headspace.

The last few says I had a great time enjoying the weather but not everything is amazing. Brutus needs inspection. Its been a few months past his due date for it and registration. He is a hybrid of Chrysler and GM which makes it mouch harder. He has a 1995 chasis and VIN which makes the test difficult in a liberal city that does emmissions testing. Brutus will pass but since his chasis is a 1995, it takes a different test despite the engine. His engine is a GM ’13. The test is available but it is painstakingly long. They all say their machiene “is broken”. I will deal with them soon.

Last night I went to see “End Game”. It was a great movie. Lots of action where it did NOT at all feel like 3 hours. I’ve only seen a couple of Marvel movies and this was the best. I can understand the hype for sure. I would see it again but on video. It is what all directors dream of which is squeezing anyone famous possible with the exception of Octavia Spencer into a green screen. Who doesnt love that?

As for today, I had a great strength chest session that I normally do every couple weeks. I work a lot of negatives and push what I can but also keep in mind not to go balls to wall. Build up to it. Injuries are always around the corner.