I did’nt know what to blog tonight because nothing amazing has happened since yesterday so I decided to try somthing new. I’ll pick a pic and talk about it.

This trip was a few years ago back when I was livin’ in San Diego. I and one of my best buds from Cali flew to Portland for a week. Great city. Very submissive. Stayed downtown and did’nt hear a peep. As a pedestrian you have the right of way anywhere in the city. Stayed in the PEARL district.

The city is cool but you got to get out of there at some point.  A road trip of 4 hours north into Washington statewill get you to Mt. St. Helens (shown here). Notice how high the clouds were. The valleys and canyons below. I was at an extreme elevation.

Study up on Orogon and check it out.

Had a great weekend with more great weather and even better workouts. I hit chest and back and did some legs today before I went in to get bodywork done. Here you can see that I am being cupped. Cupping is a part of body work that uses suction to brimng the blood through all parts of the muscle improving circulation. This helps with recovery and also preparing the muscle for future lifts. I also had some scraping done on my traps. This breaks up and loosens the fascia in the muscle that keeps it hard and dense.

I have also been tracking everything I am eating and it has been great! Some days I have been undereating and had’nt known it. Now I plug in my meals and snacks int0 a food diary and I can hit a daily goal of calories, fats and protien in order to maintain muscle and drop some fat. This week I am set up for a body fat analysis. Cant wait to see numerically what a fat ass I am. Definantly taking this year to reach these goals

Another great weather day here in Austin, Texas. Was mid 70’s and its the middle litterally of January. Thank God for global warming. woke up ate me some breakfast and headed out for a haircut. Hit up the gym close to me for some HIIT and then home for some food and back again for leg day. I hit heavy legs today. High weight, low reps.

I have been steppin’ up my training in this new year. Consistancy with HIIT and really good workouts make me feel a lot better. It will be a whole year soon that I have had my surgery and I feel like I am just now at 100%. I have been doing 40lb curls but I havnt gone over 40lb. This weekend after a great birthday dinner, i went out to a Texas State Park, Enchanted Rock. I did some hiking up there and watched the sunset. It’s an hour west of Austin. Very steep climb in a lot of areas and really cool cactus and succulents. Natural sping water runs out of the top. This week going to keep up the good workout ethic.

Well today, January 10th is my B-Day. This picture was taken 8 years ago.I was in my second to last year competing in strongman. I was about 2 years into the fire dept. I have grown. LOL. Today I plan to get up early and enjoy this weather Texas is havin’. Hike around the lake or up a few hills here in Austin, I will be enjoying my day. I have dinner plans but thats more a surprise.  The picture here is my goal for the new year. To be more cockier like I was 8 years ago.

Had a great leg day tody and a hike around Town Lake here in Austin, TX. Weather holding out great here in the city. Legs so pumped they ache tonight. I love getting the day done early so I can relax and enjoy the evening but when you try to eat clean and cook your meals it is very time consuming. Had chicken tonight with a cup of whole wheat pasta and vegitables.


This weekend had great weather here in Austin. Friday night i went out to Trace, a restaurant here in ATX. My buddy is a bartender there so I visited him and had a few drinks and appetizers. Highly recomend Trace if ever in Austin. It is a higher end restaurant located in The W hotel. Had a great scotch there and if you saw my instagram story, you got to see the Ice Ball being formed.

Saturday I went up to a Golds Gym that I like up north of town. I like that gym specifically for back. It has the best back equiptment in Austin. Trimmed my back hair as well. I like to do it from time to time. I tend to get a lot hairier during winter. Besides the gym and eating I just watched movies and stayed in. I did have a meet and greet with a fan that was awesome. We visited a few hours and he has been following me for years. He had happened to be in town this weekend and it worked out great. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Today I trained and filmed at my favorite gym in the area, House of Gains. Definitely have a lot of content that i will br putting out and videos for The Bull Pen. Be sure to check out the site for updated content often. My birthday week kicks off tomorrow! This is going to be a great year!

So I recently have been learnin’ how to run the site a bit more myself. I have learned to do a few things including taking charge of my weekly mailout, BULL MAIL. I’m sure there will be some mistakes here and there so bare with me. BULL MAIL is a free subscription to what I got goin’ on lately. There are eclusive offers and content such as pictures and videos only available to members who sign up. I also am able to upload videos into my BULL PEN. Check out the updates I just recently made. Now there will be always something NEW to check out on the site so check back daily. Welcome to BUTCHSTRATFORD.net

Slept in today and it was really needed. Been a little more tired than usual since coming back from the east coast. Workouts have been fuckin’ awesome though. Today was no exception. Hit shoulders in a differernt way than usual. I focused more on balance than relying on a single plane. This obviously builds the heads of the deltoids by weaker parts supporting the weight. Just dont go heavy. Injury will occur. Feeling good and pumped for this New Year. Birthday in 9 days.

Weather here remained the same. Cold and gloomy. Lookin’ foreword to the week ahead as far as workouts and keepin’ to my goals of HIIT.

So it was the last weekend of the New Year and I layed low and had some great workouts. Legs and back. The temperatures dropped here over the weekend and it was a lot cooler which keeps me indoors more lol. Got an air fryer for Christmas so been air-frying everything. Supposed to be a healthier option than actual frying with oil and I have to say, Chicken tastes A LOT better. After many years of eating Chicken for competition and size, i cant fuckin’ stand it. I typically throw it in my mouth then chew it twice then swallow with water. this option has made it edible as chicken nuggets; lightly seasoned. They aern’t expensive at all. Small and large sizes. even vegtables like brussel sprouts are better. Made some fried pickles tonight. Check out my instagram story for the turnout.