Been traveling a lot lately between New York and Texas and now ATLANTA. I will be in the city Wednesday the 17th through Wednesday the 24th. Great city. I havnt been there in years. Of course  am there to meet and greet as well as see some sights. The Fourth of July weekend was SOOOO LOOONG but i had an amazing time outdoors and swimming as well as grilling and hiking. With summer officilly in full swing, I have been busier than ever. I have been making personal videos and Skyping, but it being HOTTER THAN A MOTHERFUCKER here in TEXAS, I been sweatting my BULL BALLS off in jocks and briefs. Get you a scented one soon. EMAIL ME ANYTIME.

I’ll be heading to NYC tomorrow and to Connecticut this weekend. I’ll be there 6/20-7/3. I’ll be available for some meet and greets. The weather here in Texas has been hot but the swimming has been great! Rather have the heat than the cold. Hate being Stuck in doors. Just put an update video in The Bull Pen. Also, it looks like I will be traveling to Atlanta in July. Get at me for info on meet and greets. I will also be on skype during travel as well. Skype ID: Butch.stratford Still have not subscribed to my website? Missing out on exclusive content. Vintage Butch videos I send out to my fans.

Thats what people say about mullets lol. Mine has been growing and im diggin it. Figured I’d try something new. Also, Who is interested in seeing some work out shirts and other stuff ive worn in my store for sale?

I had a great weekend. Good workouts and was extremely hot here so i did hit the pool quite a bit and took the doors off of Brutus. I have been making quite a few private videos for people and wearing a lot of jocks and briefs. This week should be a lot better and not as hot. Heading to NYC in 10 days so a bit pumped to meet a few fans that wanted a meet and greet. I have been doing a lot of skype shows as well, so be sure to message me there. Focusing on eating leaner and more protien and less carbs in the evening and overall. The Carbs make me sluggish and I am maintaining size. Check out my instagram stories to see what all you missed.

TRAVEL UPDATE: I’ll be in NYC June 20th to July 3rd.

Took this tonight after sweating my ass off in the gym. Summer and living in Texas makes me more active. Living in NYC made me not as active because I never wanted to leave the house to do anything. It is hard beibg big in NYC. Getting around really fast to catch trains, havin g to eat out and not able to take meal prep with you everywhere you go and never any bathrooms to use considering I drink 1.5-2 gallons a day.  Winter there, forget it. I couldn’t even go to the gym much during snow storms. I’m able to do a lot more here and hike quite often. I meal prep a lot which has made me lean down quite a bit this summer. I am still holding my weight aroun 250-255. This weekend I will be on SKYPE and available for cam shows.

My Memorial Days lately are anniversaries of torn biceps. In 2014 I tore my bicep tendon in Los Angeles when i was picking up a fire hydrant. Today was 5 years ago that I did it. Today is also the one year anniversary I tore my right one in Dallas Texas at a gym there flipping a tire. Im not sure what it was about Memorial Day but I seem to work out harder and end up injuring myself. Im usually pretty smart about lifting and have spent my whole career in strongman and power lifting avoiding injury. Today I did chest at the gym but avoided going too heavy and really warmed up and not jinx myself. I had a grerat weekend but yesterdy I was at the pool a little too long and ended up getting a bad sun burn so today i stayed inside and added a lot of lotion and cream. I had a great shoulder workout and went to a river nort of Austin to explore. This is going to be a hot week ahead as summer is officially in Texas. I will start using more sunscreen so this wont keep me indoors like today.

Had a great day today with a nice hike around Austin’s Town Lake. I hit the gym early today and trained biceps and triceps. Got a great pump and since the weather was so great, I decided to go on a hike. I went to get an after gym snack of Poke. Then I hit the trail and did 4 miles. Hit the store after that so I can meal prep this evenimg since I’ll be at the gym all day tomorrow. I booked my trip to NYC as well. JUNE 20-JULY 2nd. Send me an email if you are in the area and want a meet and greet.  Besides all that I am on cam in evenings and during the day and I have released two new feature flex’s.

Tonight I am just chillin’. Doin’ a little meal prep and watching some TV. Nothing really going on here. I took this picture today for a follower who bought this jock. This jock was worn during todays leg smash so it needs to dry out a bit before I wear it again tomorrow. I LOVE my scent. I have a powerful one. I wear my jocks a week before sending them out discreetly to a lucky follower. they are comfortable after a couple of days of srtretching out the pouch. I’m weighing around 252 here. Remember that ALL GEAR are CUSTOMIZABLE.

Although yesterday it rained and I had a pool party cancellation, I did hit the gym and I hit it hard. I did back yesterday at one of my favorite Golds in ATX. Today was a great leg day at another Golds that has more leg equiptment than the rest. Very sunny day here and I did get out to swim some in my pool. Mosquito situation is through the roof right now. I am allergic to them and they love the fuck out of me so I did get some welts.



This picture is a still from my newest 14 minute Featured Flex video “Big Fuckin’ Chest Day Aftermath” CLICK HERE to see the first minute of FLEX for free.

Friday was a good hiking day with a stop at a swimmin’ hole. Found a rope swing and enjoyed the new found place. I am about to hit the gym where I am hitting a BIG BACK DAY.  Tonight I will have a grand opening party to attend.  Supposed to rain all day today so doubt I will be outside. I may go back to swimmin’ hole tomorrow if weather holds out.


Today I trained quads and delts at the gym. This is a verticle leg press. Not one of my favorites but its good to change it up. This brand of machinery is my favorite though. This is Arsenal. Its basically bodybuilder and strenth training engineered. It is what Hammer Strength was back in the day. This is a new breed of top of the line gym equiptment. I train legs twice a week now. hams and quads on different days. This helps me isolate more and focus.

What a weekend. I had a great workout both friday and Saturday nut the weather sucked. So did a lot of staying in doors. Sunday though was much better. Went to brunch today at a horrible Irish pup. Had a nasty Chicken pot pie in curry but that was the worst part of the day. I ended up hiking along the green belt and walking throgh a creek. I was enjoying the weather that happened a few days before with fresh flow of running water. Hopefully this week will be better as far as getting outside and moving around. I uploaded a 8 minute chest workout in THE BULL PEN. Check it out. Its free.