My legs are getting the thickness they had once before. I hit legs today but I sometimes hit legs twice a week. Lately I have split my leg workouts with my shoulders. focusing on each part of both muscle gropus better. For example: I feel I have better focus on quads if I just work quads that day and not hamstrings but focus on lateral raises for delts. Then next day I’ll focus on hamstrings and shoulder presses. I think this helps with hitting each muscle better and not as fatigued which could lead to some neglect.

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This weekend I got a sinus infection that is thankfully gone now. Made some great food and watched Netflix which I rarely do. Some really great shows and movies on there. I watched and really recomend “Before I Wake” a really good movie. It was kinda Sci-Fi. I also watched “The Boy” which was an older and an extremely dumb horror movie. Next was I.O.. Science fiction movie that was good when I started to watch but cough medicine kicked in and I need to rewatch the end.

THE BEST: The best was ” THE BUNDY TAPES”. It was a small doccuseries. About 4 episodes each an hour long,it was really well put togetther and really thorough. I had no idea he escaped custody twice during his serial career. Check it out.

FOOD: I made the best ever Zuppa Tuscano soup I ever had. Sausage and chicken breast with Kale and potatoes. I felt a lot better after that. Easy fast and really healthy. Check it out.

I did stay home from gym Saturday and Sunday but I did hit it hard at gym today hitting chest.

Brutus is my Jeep Wrangler. About 8 years ago me and a buddy wanted to do a project. Since he is really into rebuilding, modifying and restoring muscle cars, I wanted to start a project with him but wanted to do a Jeep Wrangler. Now with the size tires I had in mind I needed a Wrangler whose axels could handle the torque. That gave me up to a 1997. I found Brutus not running but not rusted in Atlanta. Me and my buddy drove there and picked him up. He was green.

My buddy and I trailered him back to Birmingham, Alabama where my buddy had a shop in his basement. we spent the next year modifying, rebuilding and adding on. Brutus started out with 33’s for tires. When he was taken a part we trailered the pieces to a company there in Alabama that coated him in 500 lbs of rubber and Kevlar. Not Rhinoline or bedliner like you see now. Brutus is bullet proof minus the windows.We customized and built his exhaust out of stainless steel. Fabricating a great exaust system for a bigger engine later down the road. Brutus’ engine that was fixed was a standard. I drove him all over ATX and back and forth a few times from Birmingham until I blew the engine and broke rear axel. Then the fun really started building him.

I wanted a bigger engine then the 6 cylinder in it. I wanted an 8. After I found the GM vortec v8 I wanted, I realized the standard engine would’nt fit without body modifications. Since he was already covered in the Kevlar and rubber coating, I didnt want to mess that up so I had to change him to a standard. That engine fit better inside the hood with only a little engine modification.

The axel since broke, needed to be stronger. That meant I could go with bigger tires. I wanted 35’s. We took a higer rated axel off a Ford Explorer for the rear and threw some 35’s on.


Most people do not know I was a firefighter right out of college. I was a firefighter for 10 years before I resigned and decided to go LIVE out in the world instead of just visiting it. I was senior firefighter when I resigned with a lot of responsibility. The responsibility out weighed the return at that point and at 33 I decided to change my lifes direction. I had been through many fires and so many medical scenes to hold me good for a lifetime. Loved the brotherhood and the commadere and thats what I miss the most but I still stay in touch with all the guys and see them here in Texas regularly since I moved back. I figured I could stay at the department and retire or I could make an early move in life and change it.

I always liked Southern California. Not for politics obviously but for the laid back vibes and weather 24/7. After I resigned I went ahead and moved moved half a country away to San Diego. San Diego IS a lot more conservative than most people think and I thought it was a good fit for me. San Jose is also conservative but not as a nice fitness focused city as San Diego.

Since I was a Strongman/Powerlifting athlete growing up I trained bodybuilders and other clients in strength training. San Diego is a bodybuilding/Physique focused community but not in strength training so I had a niche.

My back has always been by far my strongest body part and muscle group besides my legs. Love training it but I cant over train it because i get big fast and I get out of proportion. Being a HULK is a lot of work. HA. Had a great day training back at my favorite Golds gym with the best back equiptment. Used a few hand and grip strengthening toys I had.

I love being the biggest guy in the gym that people come up to and ask for advice. Helping out people that have the same goals as I had is really fulfilling. I hear all the time how people want to achieve what I have. I love giving them advice to help out their form for most part or showing them some new exercises. I remember being that age or just walking into a gym and being overwhelmed. I was never intimidated at all but people tell me they are all the time. Find someone to lift with and ask some guys in the gym some questions if you have them. If they are dicks or act douchey they are probably really insecure and not good advisors anyway and just rely on roids.

This was the second time I was visiting Alcatraz. As soon as I checked in I was met by these three beautiful girls visiting from Japan. They were visiting San Fransisco like I was but was on the way out off the ROCK. I met up with them for a drink in Chinatown that evening. I have been to Alcatraz a few times. The second time was the best. In this time I got to take my time and see a lot more. If you ever get to San Francisco YOU BETTER visit Alcatraz. It is a national park and well taken care of. You start the tour out in the showers and work your way through all the cells. From Al Capone to the Bird Man this site is packed of interesting history. The girls were flight attendandts and a lot of fun. They were here on layover, decided to dress up and see some history. They also were singers. They were kinda like Americas Dixie Chicks. I ROCKED THEIR WORLD. They showed me some fun too.

Since my workouts have been focused on heavier weight and keeping form I have noticed my muscle thickness and denseness have come back as to where I was before my surgery. Feeling 100% again I am happy with progress. This week turned cold here again in ATX. Hate goin’ out in it haha. I got a NEW VIDEO filmed and it will be out soon. All THE COCKY FLEXING YOU CAN HANDLE.

I been eating a whole hell of a lot more than usual so I need to keep up the catrdio game and not get discouraged with the cold weather. Tonight its my version of chicken Fajitas made in the oven. Id rather grill them but I am not able to tonight. Hit my favorite gym up north tonight its an hour drive but well worth the equiptment. Added a lot more to my AMAZON WISHLIST for those of you who ask me about things I like and use and wish for.

This picture was tasken about two years ago in Puerto Rico. I was there for a week. Was a great time. This is before Hurricane Maria destroyed the island. I was at the highest point of Puerto Rico called El Torro Verde or “THE GREEN BULL”. It is a Zipline park that is no longer there. This Zipline that I am on is the longest highest and fastest zipline IN THE WOPRLD. It is located in the very interior part of the island. It took me an all day drive there with no cell service and just a paper map given to me from hotel. There were three phases nto the zipline. The first part was head first and the rest was feet first. There is a video now in the Bull pen with the head first phase. It was a great expierience and really sad that the park is gone now.

I’d definitely head back there. The people were amazing and so were the beaches although this is when Zika virus just broke out with mosquitos and the resort I was staying out took on all precautions and instead of suntan  and sunscreen they would spray us down with bug spray.

Back when I was competing in Strong Man and The Highland Games, hand, forearm and overall grip strength was imparitive to the sport. I trained my hands and forearms at least three times a week. Once you start getting stronger arms and grip strength your normal exercises become so much better. you are able to control the weight more, isolate more and build an overall denser muscle.

FOR EXAMPLE: This is my newest toy. Iron Bull Cannon Balls. This is like a handle that you would use at a gym. Except it is focused on your grip and forearm. I started my back workout tonight using them to pre-exhaust my grip and forearms but at same time I was isolating and warming up my back muscles. Of cours I couldn’t go really heavy but thats the point. building those smaller muscles and firing the isolated muscles to be worked for rest of workout. After I blew my wad and exausted the hands and forearms through functional back warm up, I then gave them a rest and relied on straps and not my hands for lifting heavy weight for my back exercises that were already fired from the pre-exhausted excersises before. My proven theory is that when you go back to the same pull down as shown in picture but with regular bar, you will hit back harder because of the grip strength aquired from this type of training. Straps should only be used this way in my opinion. Straps are a crutch and if not used properly, just an injury waiting to happen.

This was my bull Douglas. I had him up until 2015. He got too big to breed the herd. He’d mount them and was too heavy and end up hurting the cows. He knew how to fuck.  This is me feedin’ him an Oreo. We tease our happy bovine with some sugar. They devour them but I doubt they know how good it tastes dunked in milk. He is extremely docile but he tear’s through barbed fence to get to cows in heat on neighbors property. Too big for the farm.

So back to the picture. I was visiting the parents and was living in San Diego. I just torn the first of two biceps four years ago. you can see me in my sling in picture.He is a Brahma bull. It is a breed that has a hump on its neck and long ears. He was about 2,400 lbs here. I was 260.

THE HUMP: Just like the camel’s, that is a fat hump of tissue that stores water in arid conditions.